What’s the next right action?

I’ve been thinking a lot about both personal and professional goals as the year comes to an end. 

I’m not one who’s much for financial goals (which can make setting goals for Seafoam somewhat difficult at times). I’m a firm believer that money shouldn’t be the goal, it should be the byproduct. Build a great product or service, market it well, bring great people onto your team, run a streamlined business, and the money part will happen.

So how should I verbalize what Seafoam’s goals should revolve around? Ah, therein lies the rub.

I want greatness for Seafoam. I want simplicity. I want beauty. I want greatness and simplicity and beauty for greatness and simplicity and beauty’s sake. I want to climb the mountain so that we can look back at what we’ve done and be proud.

I want us to create. And if you’re going to create something, you should create something good and right and beautiful and useful and simple. You can’t put monetary goals on that.

So then it’s really about balancing a healthy company with the unending drive to rewrite the world of marketing. It’s about answering “What’s next?” For our clients, for our team, for myself, for Seafoam. What’s the next thing I can do that will propel them, us, me, our team forward? 

That’s really the question we’re out to answer, right? 

If a good company with good people and a good product wants to market itself effectively, why can’t we just ask “What’s the next right action?” There’s greatness and simplicity and beauty in that, I think.

If we can effectively answer (and re-answer) that question for ourselves and our clients, we will transform the marketing industry and make a lot of people happy while we do it.