Perspective shift

We never thought that something this big, this life-changing would happen in our lifetimes. I guess that’s human nature (It’ll never happen to me, only to them). But here we are—living through something that’s forcing us to drastically change our daily routines, who we see, how we communicate, and how we make money (or don’t).

People are generally forced to change. We don’t want to change, and then something absolutely forces us to realize that what we are doing isn’t working or that our picture of the world is wrong. We fail. So we change.

Ira Glass

We each have two options: Feel overwhelmed and upset at the situation or turn it into an opportunity to rethink our habits, our goals, and our ways of living.

Yes, there is room for both emotions (to a certain extent). The pandemic is scary. It’s unknown. And, for some, it’s life or death.

But it’s those situations that often force us to shift our perspective, to look at how we’re living and decide if there are any changes we’d like to make. Because don’t forget, we each have quite a bit of control over how we’d like to spend our days.